Bodsham Church of England Primary School
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Preloved uniform sale

Get uniform at great prices (and have a clear out of all those too small items).

Wanted: Second hand uniform in good or excellent condition.

Please donate your old uniform

If your children have grown out of their uniform and it is still in good usable condition please donate it for the sale. We are looking for anything the children wear during school from sweatshirts to plimsolls; dresses to sports kit.

Don’t forget to take out the name tags to avoid confusion in the future.

We are in need of ages 6-12 as so far we have mainly had donations from the Ladybirds classes.

Please let Sue (Ladybird Ella’s mum) know if you have something to donate for the next sale (TBA).

Come and buy more uniform

Some of our children grow so quickly they don't get a chance to wear their uniform for long.
Come and buy the next size up so you are ready for that growth spurt. 

If you need something before the next sale please ask Sue in the playground and I will see what I have.   It is mainly 4-6 years old items at present.   I am hoping our Mice, Woodpeckers and Owls will find something suitable to donate soon.    

If you left the school and still have current uniform please drop it off at the school.  Either to the office or in the PFA containers near the recycling.