Bodsham Church of England Primary School
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Do you have something you want to pass on or sell?

You can advertise it here and we can help you have a clear out.

Email us details of the item, contact details and a photo if possible.

Free and for sale

When your children grow out of their school uniform or get too big for their bunk beds you can find someone locally to you who is looking for just that thing.

Send the details
of the item or items, contact details (which could be a photo of you to look for in the playground or more traditional methods, remember this will be on the public internet), a photo of the item if you can and if you want to sell it how much you are looking for to the PFA editors and we will post the advert.

We are particularly interested in school uniform that no longer fits if it is in good enough condition to pass on to someone smaller.

Thank you!