Bodsham Church of England Primary School
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A Year 6 comment about our school...

"Bodsham School is an absolutely brilliant school. The children are outstandingly polite and cheerful. We are perched just at the top of a hill in the beautiful countryside." – Hannah
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Celebrating Christian Values  




Our Mission Statement

A nurturing and creative community where all can achieve their full potential within a Christian environment, in readiness for life as a Global citizen.

Christian Values

Towards the end of 2015 the school reviewed the key Christian values on which we were to focus. Parents, pupils and staff were involved in this through a questionnaire. The outcomes were discussed at a joint meeting of staff and Governors in January 2016.

As a result of this the Federation decided to embrace three key Christian values: Love, Creativity and Strength. Each value also emphasises the qualities of each part of the Trinity:

 In addition the themes are nurtured in different ways. This includes:

Our daily act of worship
Class and school display
In reflection corners
In our spiritual garden
In our wide ranging acts of charitable giving
In our positive interactions with and between all members of the school and local community.
In our focus on skills for learning and in particular resilience and perseverance.


 Our Class Values

Owls class are trying to find an image or piece of art that summarises compassion in 2016 for them. Can you help us?