Bodsham Church of England Primary School
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An 'outstanding' rating by OFSTED (2008)

"It is the excellent quality of provision that enables children to flourish."
"An outstanding school."

Visits are always welcome. Please phone or email us to arrange an appointment.

Facebook community page for Bodsham

We have a Facebook group for Bodsham school.

We have set up this group to help maintain the community spirit at Bodsham School. 

This is a closed group, so nothing written within it will be seen by the outside world. You apply for access and one of the moderators confirm you can join.

Most of the messages are notices or reminders about PFA related events such as dress down days and cake sales. It is also used for discussing the following sorts of things:

  • Lift sharing, or mention of short-notice work commitments that might affect regular school journeys
  • Items for sale or to give away
  • General get-togethers (such as at Waltham Park on a sunny afternoon after school)
  • Events going on outside of school that may be of interest during evenings, weekends or school holidays
  • News
  • Technical help
  • Recommendations for local service providers - plumbers, builders, mechanics, designers, baby-sitters and more

The school is very keen that we help those people who would like to be part of this community, but who perhaps are not comfortable using a computer, or dislike using Facebook for various reasons.  We will be looking at organising a training session to help to get you going if you require it. This could include sorting out your settings so no one can see you are on Facebook or no one can try and 'friend' you.  Also there are settings to determine how often you are advised that there are posts to read.  

Details of the training will be advised in the new year.   

In the meantime if you have any queries come and talk to me (Sue).