Bodsham Church of England Primary School
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Stay in touch with Bodsham School...

Tell us how you or your child are getting on.
The PFA would also love to see you attending (or helping at) our events.

Visits are always welcome. Please phone or email us to arrange an appointment.


Bodsham will have a little place in your heart for many years to come and it doesn't have to stop just because you or your child has left our lovely school.

The PFA would love to stay in touch and if you can still help with our events or with cooking or crafting we would be delighted.

Alumni news
We can also put up notices of life events (qualifications gained, jobs, travelling, weddings, babies etc).  If you are wondering whatever happened to so and so, well they probably wonder the same about you too!   It would also be great for the current pupils to get a sense of what happens later in life when you have such a good foundation at school.

Maybe you just have a memory of the school you want to share: for example I was amazed to find that when one of our neighbours was at Bodsham there were only 27 children in the whole school!

Just send your name, the event, notice or memory and the year you or your child left owls to the PFA editor, photos are also welcome.